Celebrated Huffington Post and NY Magazine comedian Desiree Burch presents TAR BABY--the story of America's black & white love affair from shotgun wedding to "post-racial" relationship.  Speaking to a growing majority of minority experiences in America, TAR BABY effortlessly weaves games, audiences, laughter and insight in an interactive carnival of Race & Capitalism--where no one's a winner, but everyone's still playing!


Our setting is an all American old time carnival that has managed to continue touring way past its prime, our leader, is the funny and lovable Desiree Burch.  As she takes us through an audience participatory experience, each of the carnivals side shows represents a story she shares of her own experiences with race in America.  Using comedic metaphors and touching personal stories Desiree captivates and engages an audience in an exploration of what racism does, where and how it shows today in society and politics, and finally she presents a new approach to change the conversation revolving around race to be more productive and educational.

Tar Baby Accolades

Highly Commended

Freedom of Exoression Award